Environmental Efforts

According to WWF: “Eight million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year, killing and harming marine life.”

At Heri Me Heri, we are trying to drastically reduce our plastic footprint.

Our new “Heri Me Heri for EARTH” product line, helps our customers packing-up their own made lunch the right way. Instead of packing snacks and sandwiches in plastic wraps, we are inviting our customers to use our reusable lunch bags. Drink your coffee in a reusable bottle, safely placed in a separate compartment. Prepare and take with you our own prepared healthy daily lunch package. Fill in your "Heri me Heri for EARTH bag" with healthy products from Mani Peloponnese (*). Refill it and use it again and again.

The majority of our products are contained in glass bottles or jars and paper bags instead of plastic ones. They can be reused, store food like herbs, spice, olive oil e.t.c in your kitchen. In the end they can also be recycled.  

(*) fresh extra virgin olive oil full of polyphenol from Mani to be used in your salad or when heating up your dish, fresh oregano, sage or basil for your salad, rusks and breadsticks instead of bread, honey for your hot tea / sage or mint, sweet olives desert or apricot with hippophae superfoods jam for your yogurt, healthy prickly pear with agave juice from Mani prickly pear farms and many-many more nutritious tastes you deserve to enjoy.

Support Small Local Producers 

We work together with certified and trusted producers and bottling / packaging partners promoting sustainable trade.

We strongly believe in sustaining the Greek culinary tradition by investing on local producers.

Our motivation is our passion for Greek healthy, traditional Mediterranean diet with natural only products. We travel, we taste and we select unique Greek products, offering them to our customers from hand to hand (Heri me Heri) all over the world.